Norway’s Northern Paradise

Lofoten is an archipelago consisting of about 80 small islands located in the Northern county Troms og Finnmark. It's size of 1227 km(474 sq miles) only holds a small population of 25 000 people. Reaching out into the Norwegian Sea, which is a small part of the Arctic Ocean, Lofoten lies 169 km (105 miles) into the Arctic Circle. Just 2450 km (1522 miles) away from the North Pole, Lofoten is one of the northernmost populated areas in the world.

The majestetic mountains and fjords

In a landscape of mountains bearing names that sound like they come straight out of an ancient Viking saga (Vågakallen, Svolværgeita and Fløya to name a few), you will get the feeling that you are a character in a Nordic folk tale. Whether you are an experienced mountaineer in search of a demanding mountain trek or you are on an outing with the whole family, there are trips suitable for children and adults alike. The unique rock formations jutting up out of the sea and the breathtaking North-Norwegian scenery guarantee that every summit will provide a spectacular vista and will put the icing on the cake for your Nordic adventure.

Lofoten is famous for its fantastic fjords, and the rough, open sea in an environment of pristine nature is an experience you will not want to miss. To experience Northern Norway exclusively from dry land would be a disgrace. The wild fjords and hidden coves are at least as great an experience as the towering mountains and natural surroundings. You can choose between paddling into the sunset in a kayak, going on a sea eagle safari aboard an RIB boat or admiring the fjords from the ferry. Whether you visit in summer or spring, there is plenty of magic to experience.

Lofoten's bird life has many rare species, and bird watchers get right up close. Being present when a sea eagle plunges into the water is a beautiful experience, and there are several guided tours that take you out to get a close-up view of the majestic birds. This is Northern Norway's largest bird; the wingspan can be as wide as 2.7 metres! Bring your camera and binoculars.


"...from the majestic mountains rising straight up out of the sea to the charming fishing villages scattered along the shoreline, Lofoten is the closest you'll come to being in a fairytale..."

Lofoten Island

Experience Trollfjorden with Brim Explorer

Brim Explorer started from a passion for the ocean. While working in Arctic ocean tourism, Brim Explorer’s co-founders Agnes and Espen saw the challenges presented by polluting, noisy and poorly-designed ships that restricted guests’ experiences and harmed the environment.

With an idea and dedicated partners, they set out to build a ship unlike any the world has seen. In March 2018, Agnes and Espen teamed up with designer Einar Hareide, the shipyard Maritime Partner and a team of daring suppliers to build a unique platform for ocean experiences.

A year and a half later, with the first ship Brim and more to come, Brim Explorer is combining innovative climate technology and experience from the travel industry to create experiences that are truly unique and sustainable.


The hidden surfers paradise


Trollfjord is a well deserved name for the enchanting fjord that is one of Lofoten's most popular attractions. At its narrowest point, it is 60 metres wide, and if you should happen to be on board the Hurtigruten, you can almost touch the mountain walls jutting up out of the beautiful fjord’s waters. There are no roads here, just untouched nature. You can experience the fjord from aboard various boats, and even hire guides who will show you the fjord that has inspired many a wandering artist.

It may not be something you associate with the cold north, but Lofoten also has a popular surfing point called Unstad, which has the northernmost high-quality waves you will find for surfing. Whatever the season, professional surfers and wishful dreamers come here to surf in this overwhelming landscape. It is perhaps the world’s wildest surfing experience.

Surfers Lofoten Island

Activities to book in Lofoten 

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The complete fisherman experience

The story of Lofoten is a story of fishing and fishermen. Ever since the Vikings roamed the beautiful landscapes, the population of Lofoten has been feeding and living off fish.

Every year from january to april, skrei (Norwegian Arctic cod) is known to migrate to Lofoten to spawn, which built the foundation for the nordic fishing villages. Fishermen would visit from all over the world and live in local rorbuer (fisherman cabins) to fish and sell their catches.

Lofoten is Norway from its most extreme, and offers unique experiences like midnight sun and northern lights. Hiking or skiing through the mountains, having a cruise in the fjords or even surfing at Unstad is something straight out of a fairytale and is showing Northern Norway from its best side.

Skrei fishing world championship

For those who want to experience an authentic Lofoten fest, the world championship in skrei (winter cod) fishing takes place annually just outside Svolvær. The contest is simple: You need to catch the biggest codfish.

Thousands gather in Lofoten from all over the world to experience and participate in this annual tradition during late March. Whoppers weighing up to 30 kg are pulled out of the water during this championship which has been held yearly since 1991.

If you are not particularly interested in the fishing itself, the party atmosphere on land is a big attraction alone and a very worthwhile experience.


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