The King Crab is served

Summer in Snowhotel Kirkenes

Please be seated. We serve the best King Crab in the world

People travel the world for this fresh experience. The popularity of this relaxed and wild experience is enormous and the reasons are plenty. For example the simple fact that the King Crab, also known as the Kamchatka or Red King Crab, has a physical appearance only a mother could love?  They say this creature is older than the dinosaurs. It lives by instinct on depths from 10 to 400 meters. Way off the coast, not where we go fishing, out in real deep waters, they have found species with legs that stretch out to the length of two meters or two hundred centimeters - equivalent to just about 6,5 feet.

A summer night in the Snowhotel

Snowhotel Kirkenes

We have made a glacier. And you can sleep in it. The Snowhotel Kirkenes is open all year around. The walls of solid ice and snow are many meters thick. The ground is developing into permafrost. The air, which is fresh and dry, is always four degrees below zero (celsius). Experience the amazing possibility to walk from the green and warm summer into the kingdom of winter. Just looking or to spend a night in the comfort of our nice beds and warm sleeping bags

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A place to overnight in Kirkenes

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Hiking in Kirkenes

Into the wild in Finnmark

Summer Kirkenes

If you really want to experience what it’s like to have the wilderness to yourself, Finnmark is the place. This extensive region borders on Sweden, Finland, and Russia and offers discoveries few other places in the world can boast of. The roads and inhabitants are few, but the great experiences in the summer nights are many. Here, curious wanderers can walk for days through untouched wilderness without meeting a soul – with the exception of a mosquito or seven.

In summer, salmon fishing along the region’s many waterways is a great experience for plenty of hopeful amateur fishermen. The world record for salmon caught on a rod belongs to the Tanavassdraget where a fish of almost 36 (!) kilos (79 pounds) finally met its maker. Still – with its 1100 kilometers of river it’s not exactly easy to know where the next record fish is hiding. Even though an estimated third of the world’s wild salmon population belongs to the Tanavassdraget, a hefty dose of patience and skill is required to hook a fish. Luckily, the reward for such an effort might be both an exceptional boost of adrenaline and an exquisite, self-caught evening meal.

Good tip: remember a scale to weigh the big catch!

Some possibilities in Tromsø and Lofoten 

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