Snowhotel Kirkenes

Snowhotel Kirkenes

A destination, resort
or just a wonderland?

Team SnowHotel Oyvind S

This place is to big to be called a family business, but the married couple of Elise and Øyvind are the perfect hosts. Elise is to be seen all day, a long day, all around - making people comfortable, answering all questions - and her mantra is: "No questions are stupid." And she adds that there are only stupid answers. She wants this place to feel safe and fun, both for experienced winter tourists and those who get to know snow and cold for the first time.

"But don´t forget to mention this is a great place in the summer", Øyvind says. The ice-bar around him is blue and beautiful.

"Snowhotel Kirkenes is an all-year open snow hotel. You can stay here mid summer if you like. We have actually made a glacier here and the ground is permafrost." 

Øyvind Sollie moved from the Oslo-area, south in the country, and he is proud. Rightly so. This hotel is one of a kind.

"...Some guests have asked for a heater or whether they might get a room a bit warmer than the others, but this is a snow hotel, a hotel made of ice..."

Hear the squeaking of snow under your feet

No, this is not your body reacting to the cold, this is something a lot of people find just as exotic as the northern lights. The sound of your shoes as you walk on the hard, frozen snow is an experience that can even rival the Northern Lights. When CNN filmed their twenty-minute-long documentary from the Snowhotel, a reporter just couldn’t stop listening to the sound of his own footsteps. The squeaking was filmed and documented. It is hard to describe. You actually just have to come here and experience it yourself…

The dry, cold and fresh air is like nowhere else. 

If you have not really experienced winter before – and by that we mean a true, snowy and genuine winter – then you are in for something very special. Kirkenes is east of the Gulf Stream, and we have true winters - always. Yes, it can get very cold, but with little wind and dry air, you do not get the feeling that the cold penetrates you to the bone. Dress well and enjoy. By the way, we provide you with the proper clothing you will need on all our scheduled adventure trips.


We believe in service
and a smile

More than one hundred people work here to provide guests with quality service and amenities from arrival to departure. Almost two hundred happy Huskies are ready to take you dogsledding into the wild. Snowmobiles with sledges take awed guests on daily king crab fishing trips, and on their return, the table is set for what we call the best tasting seafood meal on Earth. It merits three stars, but is simple, elegant and no-nonsense. 

To sleep in the Snowhotel is different

Some guests have asked for a heater or whether they might get a room a bit warmer than the others, but this is a snow hotel, a hotel made of ice, a 35-bed hotel with a constant temperature of minus 4 degrees Celsius. It is continually replenished with fresh air - and this also keeps the humidity down.

You can spend a night safely on a comfortable mattress in a bed made of ice, and to keep you warm, we provide you with a high quality sleeping bag and even give you instructions and demonstrate how to be an explorer for one night. If you need to go to the bathroom or a warmer place during the night, the snow hotel is directly connected with indoor rooms that have showers, a sauna, restrooms and even a lounge reserved for our SnowHotel Heroes. 

A magic night in a world of ice, during both summer and winter!

Live your dream and spend one night in a world of snow and ice. Sleep, eat, and live exclusively in the Arctic North. Breakfast and dinner are included - and there is no reason to worry about seasonal openings. We are the first hotel completely constructed of snow and ice, and we proudly announce that we are open 365 days a year! 

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