Camp Tamok - Snowmobiling

1 day of adventures at Camp Tamok

Dream day for the active ones

This is the dream package for the active ones! We will pick you up from your hotel in Tromsø in the morning and after a 75-minute scenic drive you'll arrive Camp Tamok Wilderness Centre. Upon arrival you will meet our experienced guides/mushers and they will provide you wiith warm clothes and shoes for the day. They will go through the safetly instructions before taking you down to the huskies in the dog yarrd. The musher will show you how to use the sledge and then you will prepare your team of dogs for departure. 

Back at the camp our hosts will prepare a hot meal for your arrival that will be served in a traditional North Norwegian setting in a reindeer herder’s tent. Between the morning activity and the evening activity you will have time to explore the camp, relax and have something hot to drink. For those interested our guides will be happy to share some local stories with you or you can simply just enjoy the silence.

When the evening arrives it's time to get prepared to go snowmobiling - a real adrenaline rush! You will follow the 11 km long snowmobile ice fishing track that will lead us up to a frozen lake. You will drive between snow-covered mountains and trees and have plenty of time to stop, play in the snow and take pictures. After arriving back at Camp Tamok you will be served a hot meal before it's time to head back to Tromsø City by bus.

1-day experience
Medium level

Our hand picked activities for the optimal Arctic experience

Included in package

  • Transfer tour/retour Tromsø
  • Lunch and dinner
  • 2h dog sledding 
  • 2h snowmobiling
  • Warm clothes and shoes
  • Experinced musher and guide

How to book

  • Choose your departure date. The departure date must be the same for all products to make it a full day adventure.
  • Fill in travelers information and payment details. 
  • Wait for your confirmation e-mail and you are ready to go.

The Gateway to Wilderness

Choose & add activities for your exerience

Morning activity

After meeting our huskies in the dog yard the real adventure begins. You will drive the sledge in pair of two, where one is the musher and one is relaxing in the front. At halfway you will change places. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. Back at Camp Tamok we will serve you a hot meal in a traditional North Norwegian setting around the open fire in a reindeer herder’s tent.

NB! All guests must have mobility and be able to walk independently in deep snow. Children under 4 year are now allowed in this tour.

Camp Tamok Dog sledding

Mid-day activity

After having an delicious lunch after the dog sledding you can relax during the camp stay. You can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea while feeding the campfire. Explore the surroundings of Camp Tamok and breath in the fresh air. The unique environment at the camp is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the silence. Our camp host will share stories about the local area and make sure you do not miss the early Northern Lights if they appear.

Camp Tamok Fireplace

Evening activity

Snowmobiling is fun and exciting! We will follow our 11 km snowmobile ice fishing track up to a frozen lake. On the way we will drive between snow-covered mountains and trees. You will drive in pairs of two with one driver and one passenger. During the two-hours drive you will have plenty of time to switch places, play in the snow and of course take pictures. If we are lucky the Northern Lights will appear above us.

NB! This tour requires a driver license and a minimum age of 18 years.

Camp Tamok Snowmobile