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Snowmobile safaris in Northern Norway 

The snowmobile is the scooter of the north. It is practical and provides freedom of movement for people living in areas where roads can not provide the needed or requested solutions all the time. The network of roads are good in the north and the E6 from southern Sweden actually ends right next to one of our destinations; Kirkenes SnowHotel

You can try to drive a snowmobile yourself or choose to be a passenger. Anyway, we go slowly and with safety first into the mountains. This is not a warning, but we love to mention that our tracks are a bit rougher and a bit more challenging than most snowmobile safaris - that is to get you into the real wilderness. But if you want to go, you will be able - this is not a race and we drive slowly, all following one of our trained and experienced guides. 

We offer snowmobile safaris at two of our destiantions: Kirkenes and Camp Tamok (75 minutes from Tromsø City Centre)

Come and feel the adrenaline rush!

Snowmobiling Kirkenes

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