Reindeer Sledding

Reindeer Sledding

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The oldest culture in Northern Norway

The Sami are descendants of nomadic people who settled in Northern Scandinavia thousands of years ago. To get to know the Sami people, it’s natural to start with their language. Or should we say languages. Because there are a grand total of nine(!) different, but closely related Sami languages in use today. Three of these languages are the predominant ones amongst the Sami in northern parts of Norway. Sami languages are members of the Uralic linguistic group of languages such as Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian, and are very different from Norwegian and other language of Indo-European origin.

Like many other small indigenous groups around the world, it has not always been easy to be Sami in Norway. As many of their former regions were found to be rich in natural resources and had Ice-free harbours, they were pushed further north and further inland in the 1800s. Beginning about 1850, the Sami people were subjected to a fierce Norwegianizing policy that originated in ideological ideas such as nationalism. The Sami were basically told to learn the Norwegian language and to become Norwegians.

Camp Tamok

Experience the raw nature at Camp Tamok

At Camp Tamok the ambition is to give travelers a feeling of the authentic north. Most people who visit Camp Tamok come by bus from Tromsø - picked up by the camps own buses. They attend some stunning activities, have a hot meal and return to the arctic capital later the same day. But this is not necessary - you are more than welcome to stay in one of our cottages.

Camp Tamok attracts dedicated guides with surprisingly varied background. The reason is obvious; to work in these beautiful surroundings. In the camp there are good chances to see the Northern Lights when the sky is in the right mood.

"To go reindeer sledding is this environement is a raw and unique experience"


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