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King Crab Adventure


People travel the world
for this fresh experience


The popularity of this relaxed and wild experience is enormous and the reasons are plenty. For example the simple fact that the King Crab, also known as the Kamchatka or Red King Crab, has a physical appearance only a mother could love?  They say this creature is older than the dinosaurs. It lives by instinct on depths from 10 to 400 meters. Way off the coast, not where we go fishing, out in real deep waters, they have found species with legs that stretch out to the length of two meters or two hundred centimeters - equivalent to just about 6,5 feet.

King Crab

King Crab is an adventure all year. In winter we travel by Snowmobile to catch it and in summer we go out in a RIB.

A King Crab "selfie"
is mandatory

To watch our guide take the catch out of the water, either through a hole in the ice as they do in wintertime or, in summer, onboard a RIB - and set eyes on these strange creatures is an adventure in itself. In most urban shops, delivering dull convenience, we only see a parted King Crab, perhaps just a part of a leg? But here, right in front of you, you see the reality, how the big crabs arrive alive from the deep. 

Our guides are trained to do the required job and kill them instantly before you get to hold it, feel its size, study the amazing details and, of course, have a "selfie-shot" of you and the monster...

Holding a King Crab

This is how a King Crab
meal should taste

A grown King Crab travel for food. There are observations saying crabs go 13 kilometer in a day, 172 kilometer in a month and more than 400 kilometer in a year, 250 miles.

We just go on a snowmobile for a couple of minutes to our meal. The boiling water is ready and our guide prepare the crab the perfect way. No nonsense. No sauce. Nothing but fresh crab, straight from the sea into the water and up on the table. OK. We do have white bread, mayonnaise and lemon. Our tools are our hands, a scissor and paper towels to keep us clean. That is it. This is a promise: You will never, ever have a fresher and more tasty King Crab meal.

King Crab Dinner


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