Brim Explorer

Sustainable tourism

Brim Explorer is the
next generation day cruises

Although Agnes Arnadottir almost grew up with the whales, her choice in work was not predestined. 

After studying political science, she worked for the environmental organization Bellona – but gradually her urge to connect with nature and become more practical won out.

Together with Espen Larsen-Hakkebo, her partner in business, Agnes decided to create Brim Explorer and as CEO of the company, she leads a dedicated team set out to build a new business on new ideas.

The vision of the start up is to create experiences that bring us closer to the ocean.

Everything they do is based on the idea of becoming the most sustainable way to watch whales and look for the northern lights or, in the summer, cruising the fjords of Lofoten.

"We want to leave our guests with a stronger environmental understanding and engagement", she says.

Our idea at Brim Explorer
is no air pollution and no noise.

"For the moment, there is no way to be 100% like that, but we are getting closer", Agnes says. "Our hybrid engine ships travel for hours powered only by electricity." She talks enthusiastically about Brim Explorer. She talks in a low voice, perhaps to make sure she does not disturb the silence of the ship.

"The ambition is to build ships that are sustainable and are ultimate platforms for experiencing nature."  The Brim Explorer ships are built of recycled and recyclable aluminium – light-weight and energy-efficient. You will find all the comfort you need. Roomy saloons and windows that are designed to get close to nature, with a "bigger the better" approach and on board you find multiple outdoor decks.

"Our guests can enjoy panoramic views - we provide excursions without noise or pollution, because the epic and rugged Arctic coast deserves to be experienced from a silent, clean and comfortable ship." The idea behind Brim Explorer is not just great. It is a necessity.

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