Camp Tamok including
the Tromsø Ice Domes

Tromsø Ice Domes and Northern Lights

75 minutes scenic bus-drive from Tromsø
you arrive at The Gateway to Wilderness

Camp Tamok is located in an area with optimal conditions for experiencing the Northern Lights. Although Camp Tamok is located only a 75-minute drive from downtown Tromsø, it is in a different and drier climate zone, with clear inland mountain weather. The dry climate generates many cloud-free night skies in winter, as well as during summer.

As the Polar Night approaches
Tromsø Ice Domes are build again

Set among high mountains in the beautiful Tamok Valley, Tromso Ice Domes is built every year as the Polar Night approaches.

The snow and ice art reflects the unique bond between man and nature in a unique and breath-taking manner. The ice bars, our ice cinema, the ice bedrooms and ice restaurant have themes ranging from local Sami culture to the Northern Lights conveyed through beautiful colored lighting and wonderful ice sculptures. All carvings are made to represent the local wildlife, culture, and history of the region and each year, a story is told through these carvings. Welcome to a once-in-a-lifetime experience of snow and ice magic in the Arctic wilderness!

Located 75 minutes by bus from Tromsø, Camp Tamok is at the end of a road, situated next to wonderfull hills, mountains and valleys - all stretching eastwards from the fjords, way into northern Finland. All of our services and products include a comfortable and, at clear days, scenic bus ride - but you are also welcome to book and come on your own. By car, by bike, by motorcycle or whatever your choice is... this is the gateway to wilderness

Camp Tamok Sign

A talk around
the campfire

At Camp Tamok the ambition is to give travelers a feeling of the authentic north. Right now the team is seated around the campfire and talk about the dream all winter-travelers come to fulfill in this region - the dream of The Northern Lights or The Aurora Borealis.

"This is about quality of life"

The orange, warm colors from the burning wood . "This camp is not luxury", says Valur from Iceland, the snowmobile guide with the biggest beard in the region. "Our ambition is to give travelers a feeling of the authentic north and true proximity to the beautiful nature." Camp Tamok is situated at the end of a small road which leads up here from another small road. "You know", Fredrik, a camp guide, says, "we are at the end of the road. Really. Not only as a metaphor. We really are. And from here it is only feet, skis, dogsledding or snowmobile that will take you further into the mountains." 

Most people who visit Camp Tamok come by bus from Tromsø.

Most visitors get picked up by bus at the meeting point in Tromsø. The visitors attend their booked activities, get a hot meal and return to the arctic capital later the same day. "But this is not necessary", Ingeborg says with a big smile, "they can stay at the camp. Spend the night here."

There are different possibilities to be a Camp-stayer. "We offer accommodation", says Kirsti, "we have comfortable cabins, chalets and a more primitive lavvo for those who want to get the explorer feeling." Kirsti explains and her belief is that the camp is perfect for most people. "Just a bit rougher or more authentic than most places."

Our Dog Sledding guides 
are among the best in the world.

Somewhere in the background the dogs are barking. A team is coming in or leaving. The dogs are owned by professionals and they are well trained. Animal welfare is just as important as keeping people happy. 

The Dog Sledding guides are among the best in the world.

They race with their dogs and need to know them, love them and make sure they are healthy and happy. The snowmobile guides have experience from places like Spitsbergen and Iceland. The reindeer guide is, of course, a Sami. The camp team is service minded, smiling and always ready for a chat. Around the fire or inside one of the lavvos.

The dogs are resting and probably dreaming about running. Happy huskies love to run. Dog Sledding is a popular activity. To go with these energetic and lovely huskies is a great experience and you book this in Camp Tamok.



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