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Create Your Norwegian Fairytale

Once upon a time, far north in the little country of Norway, there were great, big areas of beautiful, untouched nature. Here, you were surrounded by dramatic mountain tops, crystal-clear fish creeks, a rich fauna, and places covered with soft moss to sleep on, where you could pitch a tent.

How does your fairytale unfold?

Are you dreaming of replacing your everyday stress with bird twitter and babbling brooks? Or maybe you want to log off Netflix and on outdoor life, with dogsledding and skiing down precipitous mountainsides? Maybe the body of the fairytale consists of magical nature moments like the midnight sun, northern lights, or gigantic sea eagles soaring above your head?

Magical elements

Just like in the fairytales, there are magical elements in the Northern Norwegian nature. The most spectacular are perhaps the northern lights, which appear in the clear, dark sky like a light show you have only before seen on a stage. It’s easiest to catch the unique color display on clear nights in areas with little human-made lighting. The undulating lights vary both in shape, strength, and color, from blue, green, and yellow, to orange and red. You can combine the experience of the northern lights with a fish dinner over a bonfire with friends or a mountain hike on snowshoes if you visit the northern areas when there is still a thick layer of snow on the mountains. Remember to take a picture of the spectacular lights, so that the fairytale is preserved for posterity, and you can show it to friends and family when you return home.


Ready for more magic?

Reindeer are often associated with Santa Claus’ helpers, who magically fly him around the globe to deliver gifts to all the children in the world. You won’t likely see reindeer in the air, but there is a good chance you’ll see herds of domestic reindeer if you visit the Finnmark plateaus, since three of four domestic reindeer live here.

Norwegian fairytales often feature trolls, so it might be appropriate to visit Trollfjorden, named after the mythical Hinøy troll. The fjord consists of crystal-clear, blue water and is surrounded by steep mountainsides and famous peaks like Blåfjellet and Trolltindan. Just north of the fjord, you can fish for salmon and trout, which you can enjoy for lunch in the beautiful, quiet landscape with your friends, your family, or new acquaintances.

The Action Part

All good fairytales feature a little action. Something exciting has to happen! Northern Norwegian nature can be observed from many more places than your comfortable hammock or tent opening. The possibilities are enormous for anyone who likes a vacation filled with activity, speed, and excitement.

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