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A Night Walk on the Wild Side

Tromsø just as they say - the gateway! The gateway to the remarkable coastline, mountains with jagged peaks and green valleys. We will take you for an easy hike up a small mountain, through a valley or someplace else very picturesque.
Preise ab 1100 NOK
Words alone cannot capture the unique atmosphere brought by Arctic summer night with eternal daylight.

Whether you will gaze at the golden sunlight or touch the clouds - can't be known yet. Undoubtedly you will have a great 4-5 hours evening hike through some of the most exquisite landscapes near Tromsø. Bring along suitable footwear for the offroad trails & a layer or two for the chilly breeze. We adjust the level of difficulty to the group - everybody should enjoy the hike and have a pleasant experience.

Included in the price: Guide, transfer, backpack, homemade sandwich, cookies & drinks, sitting pad, binoculars, tripod, web-sized photos from the tour, drop-off at your hotel on Tromsø island.

Our summer activity partner Wandering Owl conducts this tour and at 19:45 expects you at the entrance by Scandic Ishavshotel.


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