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Guided cross country ski trip in Tromsø - beginner ski course

Once in Norway, you cannot leave without trying our national sport! If you have never tried skiing before, or are hesitant, this is your opportunity to learn cross country skiing in a scenic environment and relaxed atmosphere.
Preise ab 995 NOK
First, we teach you how to put the skis on and off. Then we begin to ski using basic techniques in a completely flat area. After some training, we introduce different skiing techniques, and by the end of the tour, you should be able to challenge yourself on small hills!

We ski towards the northern part of the island in a scenic area with birch and spruce forests, mostly on prepared trails on the top of Tromsøya island, a short drive away from the city centre (about 5 minutes). During the tour, we take a break where you will be served a hot drink and lefse (a local sweet snack).

After the tour, many of our guests rent skis to practice cross country skiing on their own.
Great fun at all times!

As the weather can change rapidly in Northern Norway to join this tour, it is obligatory to wear warm and windproof clothes. Winter clothes are not included in the price of the tour but can be rented separately at our rental centre upon prior arrangement.

Included: Skis, poles, ski boots, hot drink, sweet snack, guide and transfer (5min. each way)
Duration: 3 hours
Number of participants: 2-10
Minimum age: 12 years old
Level of difficulty: Easy
Tour is offered with the departure at 9:00 and 13:00


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